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Like any historical area there is no better way to get a true feel for a neighbourhood's history than taking a tour. Touring through the largest single area of Victorian Architecture is brought to life with the history of the area, it's residents and some of the incredible people that have shared our streets.

The Cabbagetown Preservation Association ( leads private and corporate guided walking tours of Cabbagetown focusing on the architecture and  Cabbagetown People, offer tours ( focusing on the social history of Cabbagetown.  There is a charge for these tours, similar to those given in parts of Toronto and in other cities. The cost is $10 per person to a maximum of $100 for the group. Up to 15 people can be accommodated on a tour with one guide. 

Tour requests can be emailed to

(During the Cabbagetown Festival in September, the CPA leads walking tours free of charge from their booth at Riverdale Park, Winchester & Sumach Sts.)

Should you have further questions, Pete, you might wish to speak to Gilles Huot, the CPA Board member in charge of walking tours.

The B.I.A. has a brochure which could be used for self-guided walking tours; and the Cabbagetown People brochure can be used for self-guided walking tours, with the focus on social history. 


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