Cabbagetown, in the Holiday mood!

In Cabbagetown

Epicure Shop's Halloween Pumpkin Basket Winner: Sasha!!

We're all buzzing around the neighbourhood, busy preparing for the coming Holidays! Shop owners and some homes in the neighbourhood have already started decorating. Parliament and Carlton Streets are pine fresh with the flower baskets up, with classic winter bouquets!

We're looking forward to continuing our celebrations with our tree lighting in December, and so many activities and events in the neighbourhod (when will we sleep?? January!)

Halloween was a blast! We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

The Epicure Shop on Parliament Street, held a Halloween colour contest for artists aged 2 to 10. Thanks to all the fantastic entries, and congratulations to all the winners! A Special Congratulations from Patty at the Epicure Shop to Sasha, the pumpkin basket winner!!!


Stay tuned for the fun and festive events happening in the neighbourhood.  

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