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We're in the business of helping you with your business. In keeping with the sense of community that is one of Cabbagetown's main attractions to shoppers, the Old Cabbagetown Business Improvement Area is a co-operative venture between all its merchants and service providers. We work together to better the development of the shopping area, plan promotions, lobby City Hall, and many other activities to make sure we are helping you do business better and with more ease.

How can the OCBIA help me?

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or just want to make improvements, we can probably help.

  • Seminars
  • Co-operative promotions
  • Research data about shopping patterns
  • Information about the availability of retail or office space
  • A link to experts in marketing, computers, finance, and store operations
  • A newsletter aimed to keep everyone informed about Cabbagetown business issues

How much does it cost for the services?

For most of our services the fees are part of your BIA membership costs. For a few activities in which we have to go out and hire or buy services, we set a low price to recover the costs.

How do I join?

If your business is located on Parliament Street (between Gerrard and Wellesley East), Gerrard Street, Carlton Street, or Wellesley Street East (between Sherbourne and Parliament), you are automatically a member of the OCBIA. To get more information about what it means to be a member, gives us a call and we'll send you a booklet about business improvement areas.

How can I get involved?

Like any good co-op, the more you get involved, the more you'll get out of the services. Some of the committees that you have the option of working on include:

  • OCBIA Executive Committee — This group of people is elected by fellow members to set policy and directions of the BIA.
  • Marketing Committee — This committee works on planning promotions and marketing strategies for Cabbagetown.
  • The Cabbagetown Festival Committee — Be part of Toronto's oldest community festival.
  • Arts Committee— Develop opportunities to display the works of Cabbageown artists throughout our business district.
  • Cavalcade of Lights Committee— Help organize the Christmas celebrations in Old Cabbagetown.

Where can I find the OCBIA?

The OCBIA offices are located in the heritage storefront at 237 Carlton Street near the corner of Carlton and Parliament. Drop in or call us.

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